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Darien married Cheryl Steffan 3/26/77 Div. Dec. 79 Jamie Lou Northup was born January 10, 1977. Jamie is married to Roger Sherman. They have a daughter named Harmony born May 24, 1996 and a daughter Mercie born August 3rd, 2001.

Darien and LaFerne Rundell ( Davis ) were married on the 6th of July 1984. Matthew James Northup 1/16/84

This is a part of Darien's testimony:

These historical writings have stirred something in me and Cindy's last letter on religeon confirmed the need to express what I deem the missing element that makes all the difference.
I am Darien the youngest of Vyron and Helen. I grew up slowly as I was used to not having a lot required of me being the youngest and spoiledest, next to Leanne. My favorite memory before 1985, is when I was about 12. I used to go out across the road, past the sawmill, and through what was known as the little clearing. The little clearing had numerous cow paths leading off in different directions, some through the woods to other clearings or watering holes. Many of these trails were not very comfortable for adult humans and seemed to be more designed for brushing off mosquitoes and horseflies as the cows would traverse from one grazing area to the next. I used to find these trails and begin running for all I was worth keeping my gaze as far ahead as possible while watching for the everpresent danger of fresh cow patties. Leaping over fallen popple trees, the bark long gone a dark brown stained wood had taken it's place. The repeated dragging of hooves would wear grooves into the lighter wood. The hazelnut were draped in close and in many places low and thick. I would run and duck and leap, pressing on faster and faster breaking through into the tall trees where the brush was thin and trail cleared. An exhuberance of freedom would break over me as I could run full out, daring the narrow path to slow me down.

I never knew that feeling again untill the year I turned 27. I watched as the stress of a broken relationship nearly drove my Mom to the end of herself, while I was a young teen. I didn't realize until later, it brought her to the beginning of life. I was transplanted in Diana and Paul's garden the first among many young flowers they would help blossom. It was there I first met people who were relating to Jesus as if He was alive and had the ability to change people. While there I met my first wife and fathered [ begat ] my first daughter, Jaimie. Jaimie was born in Edmonds Washington, where Cheryl and I went to try to make a living as a young 18 yr. old couple. Our marriage failed in 1978, the year Jesus introduced Himself to a few po dunk " Lutrens" in Pleasant Valley. My divorce devastated me and for a few miserable years I sowed heavily to the carnal nature the rest of the world tells you is all there is. Those years were fruitful though, and my second daughter, Stephany Paige was also born in Edmonds, Wash. on August 19th of 1981. Her mother Kristi and I were not married and more pain and devastation were the result.

Moving back to Pleasant Valley and hanging around some more people who were actually relating to Jesus began to eat at me. In 1982 I met my present wife, LaFerne and Jeri Jo, her 18 month old daughter. We knew we were people who needed changes in our lives. Little did we realize how many people were praying for us at this time. I begat Matthew, born 1-16-84, and we began to hang around people like Stef and Shelly Pedersen, Larry Erie and Chuck Northup at Camp Delwater. These people, along with Rick and Donna , Ron and Sheryl, sister Judy and my Mom had continuous testimonies of the goodness of Jesus, a living Lord who talked with them, touched their hearts and healed their hurts.

My father fathered me in 1958. Father and begat are synonomous. The term means to initiate or begin, to start somthing, to inject, as it were, life into an egg, breath into dust, to begat is to inject life into the lifeless and therefore cause life. In the summer of 1985 Jesus injected life into a bound, defeated, hopeless pair in Pleasant Valley and for the first time since I was 12 I felt an exhuberance of freedom flood my whole being. Jesus promised He would never leave me or forsake me . He promised as I became Born again to bring me to the place of victory over all this world has to offer, only trust Him with all I am. Some times I fail to trust as I should , but truly He has never failed us. Blessings Darien Darien Northup's page is under construction. Check back soon.

Darien and Lafern Northup Family

Children of Darien and Cheryl (Steffan) Northup

Jaimie Lou Northup B. Jan 10, 1977 in Edmonds, Washington M. Roger Sherman 2 Children; Harmonie and Mercie

Children of Darien and Lafern (Davis) Northup

Jeri Jo Davis B. 8/25/80
Matthew James Northup B. 1/16/84

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